Do you know what is better... i want to do this with shaking hands with geometric patterns in the bg or on the hands\?

Do you know what's better than charity & fasting & prayer? It's keeping peace & good relations between people, as quarrels & bad feelings destroy humankind ~ Prophet Muhammad PBUH Sunan Abi Dawud 4919


If a young man shows respect to an old man on account of his old age, Allah will create for him at his old age someone who will show him respect too.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him)

Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him) Good women are for good men -surah an nur verse 26

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Prophet Muhammad SAW said : In 3 situations if you pray dua, it will definitely be accepted.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said that “the effectiveness of these surahs is great to repel magic, evil eye, and the rest of the evils and the need for a slave to seek Allah’s protection from these two surahs is.

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Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. hopefully we all can be strong as him