Roasted Feta & Sweet White Peach Salad

The feta combined with the pesto aubergine, crunchy fennel and sweet white peach, is a real flavour sensation and the perfect supper salad.

Tortilla Salad Bowl

The chips are used in this salad as you would a crouton. It gives it a touch of saltiness and a satisfying crunch, matched perfectly with refreshing kiwi.

Middle Eastern Spiced Cauliflower Salad

This Middle-Eastern inspired spiced cauliflower salad is the type of dish that I never tire of. It’s bursting with flavour and different textures.

Blood Orange & Caramelised Fennel Salad

The fennel is cut thick, seared in a little butter and oil then caramelised and served warm. Paired with the perfect antidote to Winter, Blood Orange.

Cavolo Nero & Smoked Mackerel Salad

This smoked Mackerel and Cavolo Nero salad provides a welcome relief to the inevitable over-indulgence of Christmas and is packed full of goodness.

Roast Chicken Summer Salad

A fresh and flavourful chicken summer salad and the kind of dish you want to bust out when friends come round, and enjoy with a bottle of ice cold rosé.

Pasta With Figs, Beets & Goats Cheese

This dish has a wonderful combination of sweet figs and salty flavours and the creamy goats cheese brings the dish together beautifully.