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a book cover with an image of a demon
The Lake of Fire (Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, #4)
a book cover for the blyworldder
The Byworlder
The Byworlder by Poul Anderson
children of the gates book cover with an image of a wolf holding a crystal ball
Two powerful science fiction adventure novels, ***Here Abide Monsters***, and ***Yurth Burden***, in one volume from master storytelling legend, Andre Norton. Coming of age stories on fantastic and alien worlds. *Here Abide Monsters*: On a world where parallel and alternate universes intersect,...
the book cover for the dragon, the fear and the troll by gordon r dickson
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The Dragon, The Earl, And The Troll
the river of time by david bird, illustrated by john d strome and michael j
Publication: The River of Time Authors: David Brin Year: 1987-02-00 ISBN: 0-553-26281-5 [978-0-553-26281-0] Publisher: Bantam Books Cover: Jim Burns
tales from high hallack the collected short stories of andre northon volume 2
Book Review: Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2: The Collected Short Stories of Andre Norton
Are you a fan of Andre Norton? Then check out this short story collection!