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Gay Rights Movement!

Gay Rights Movement!---not to mention in a lot of states a rapist can sue for custody of a child that resulted from the rape they committed. A RAPIST CAN SUE FOR CUSTODY OF A CHILD but two moms or two dads is just horrible?


First ever President in office stating he believes in equality and rights for all LGBT people. That's a big deal. << I almost started crying when I read this (I'm straight but I support equality for all genders/sexual orientations) :)

Please excuse the profanity but this is very true. I am not gay but I have no problem with other being gay. I have plenty of friends that are and I love them no matter who they fell in love with

Even if being gay was a choice. People choose to be assholes and they can get married? We also accept these assholes into our society with open arms, they are usually holding a bible. Just Sayin!

My doubt! Unrequited Love

Angels are the people you meet who show you the most extraordinary things about life and yourself. These angels don't always need to stay in your life forever, but the fact that you've met them at all changes your entire direction in life.

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It's obvious you won't fall for me. What I can't handle is you not being my friend, or being in my life at all. Because you mean so much to me and I do think about you all the time but I doubt you think of me.