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“From time to time, to remind ourselves to relax and be peaceful, we may wish to set aside some time for a retreat, a day of mindfulness, when we can walk slowly, smile, drink tea with a friend, enjoy being together as if we are the happiest people on Earth.” -Thích Nhất Hạnh

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Photography ideas and inspiration. I Love the tree lined, mist-shrouded road, such a mysterious feel to it.

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The road outside Claw Ridge, Alaska that leads to Everett's cabin and where Rone and Sabine become snowbound in Snowbound With Her Christmas Bear.

thelittleduckwife: hiding the word in your heart - I love this quote, but more I love how she's learning scripture. then look at her hand :)

If prayers are conversations with God, then journaling prayer is like writing Him love notes. Include these 3 essential components in your prayer journal. {+free printable prayer card}

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