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Cabin quilt idea using vintage plaid coat fabric. “Artist at Home” collection, a collaboration between designer by Olya Glagoleva and artist Lisa Smirnova

.Nui. Embroidered button shirt

Nui Project (Japan) embroidered shirt by Japanese artists with disabilities amulet

Daily Inspiration #2291 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Daily Inspiration #2291

liza-smirnova: “ “Artist At Home” New collection from Olya Glagoleva’s eco-friendly brand GO in collaboration with Lisa Smirnova, a talented artist from Moscow. Artist At Home is a story about the.

Celia Pym Process and ways of recording activities are central to her work. The holes in people's clothes, the stories that accompany them; repairing these holes and returning the mended garments are all represented in her approach. She is finding ways to represent the spaces the body occupies, the tenderness of touch and the ways of going about daily life.

Sweater Companion by Celia Pym, Mended Damaged Norwegian Sweater from Annemor Sundbo’s Ragpile + hand darned wool.

Garments - Mandy Pattullo

vintage jacket with applique and embroidery Thread and Thrift

Inhale. Helen Pynor. 2006. Knitted human hair. 76 x 128 x 25 cm.     Image courtesy the artist, GV Art, London, and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney. Photo Danny Kildare.

Textile Art - delicate ethereal dress sculptures made with knitted hair // "Exhale," Helen Pynor. So much presence with few visual clues.

Narrative Dress by textile artist Harriet Popham - tells the story of my mother and father's  relationship | embroidery, applique and image transfer

narrative dress - textile artist harriet popham - tells the story of my mother and father's relationship = embroidery, applique and image transfer

Mr. Finch

ohmisterfinch: Textile Dead Bird In Glass Coffin By Mister Finch Taxidermy textile bird.

Textile Art - mixed fiber dress sculpture exploring the idea of clothing in relation to the  ephemeral human body // "Second Skin," Agostina Zwilling

'Second Skin' by Agostina Zwilling (materials: tussah silk top, ramie top, hemp, flax, organic merino wool top) As Agostina described so p.

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