makes me want to get back in a darkroom and make some photograms

links back to some of the original photogram work I started off making, but it could be advanced onto pinhole photography instead of just making pictures in the dark room

photograms- can go into a point of contrast between harm and peace, the white acts out as innocence and the darker colours represents the harm, hatred appearing in the background.

I am definitely going to combine the darkroom techniques i have acquired in photography to my theme for art which is shadows.

Floris Neusüss, Image was created by placing photographic paper in a garden at night during a rainstorm, exposed by lightning

likeafieldmouse: Floris Neussus - Gewitterbild, Kassel - Cameraless photograph, laid on the ground in a rainstorm, exposed by lightning

Photographs Made from Woven Film Strips by Seung Hoon Park weaving cityscapes

Korean artist Seung Hoon Park weaves strips of film together to produce visually intriguing compositions where a fragmented world comes together in complex ar…

Erwin Blumenfeld. Solarized eyes 1935. Via

fragrantblossoms: “ Erwin Blumenfeld, Bullfighter’s Sweetheart, New York, (Maroua Motherwell).

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