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Ways to Reduce Stress at the Office

The 4 A's of Stress Relief This talks about what to avoid when dealing with stress and things that you should do. It tells you how to handle it and how to avoid the things that yo should be avoiding.

An answer to one of the questions asked on my previous post ASK week I will answer the other question asked in those comments... I have a few chicks in my circle of influence (in my small group or mums group) who really struggle with anxiety and worry. We're doing a series by elevation…

A visual guide to some cognitive distortions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a scientifically proven therapy effective for thoughts and behaviors associated with depression, anxiety, and other common mental health concerns.

Negative ways to cope with difficult emotions - recognition is the first step - by Blake Flannery

Negative ways to show anger by Blake Flannery. Let's all make sure we are crossing ALL of these off the list! Turn them into positive coping skills


5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions: Printable. A calm down plan to help children of all ages learn to manage big emotions in socially acceptable ways.


This semi-circular table saves space. Also, there are no sharp corners to bump into, an issue sometimes in small spaces. Tiny Homes

The 4 Key Emotional Intelligence Capabilities #Infographic #leadership

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goldman) The 4 Key elements. Developing self awareness & empathy.