A Rejuvenation in Salisbury

Part of a garden design by John Brookes. Nice idea to have a fish pond and a wildlife pond.

A Bold, Contemporary Garden in Patagonia

John Brookes' Portfolio A Bold, Contemporary Garden in Patagonia Located in the foothills of the Andes in central Argentina this bold, contemporary garden has recently been created around a new country house, built traditionally with wood.

A View of the Downs

A View of the Downs An ugly sunroom blocked views onto downland and divided…

A Yorkshire Town garden

A Yorkshire Town garden This sturdy stone Harrogate House has a sunken garden and therefore despite its position is surprisingly secluded. A central vegetable area was replanted more decoratively with views to a watercourse that crosses the garden.

A Yorkshire Town garden

Same Yorkshire town garden by John Brookes - stunning shapes and foliage contrast.

A 19th Century Palazzo in Poland

John Brookes' Portfolio Chopin played in this Century palazzo in Poland.

An 18th Century Country House in Oxfordshire

An Century Country House in Oxfordshire

A View in Dorset

A View in Dorset An irregularly shaped pond detracted from the glorious view beyond in this Dorset property. It was replaced by the simple geometry of a circular pool which fits comfortably with the scale and geometry of the landscape.