I love the way the woman in this image is surrounded by people, as hippies most often were. I feel the hat could be a great starting point for my pitiful choice for my portrait of a hippie. I love the way it curves in this image, pulling all your focus on to the model.

"Girl at Rolling Stones concert" : Stone’s free concert in Hyde Park, London in The caption reads: “Hats off to teenage fashion … as displayed by the eye-catching sequins worn by Pamela Donaldson (…)”. Photo by Ian Harris,

This image is part of a series by Jurgen Vollmer in the 1960s. I love the way the setting matches the rouged way the rockers dress and the way it shows them fixing their hair, emphasising how much they care about their appearance.

zombiesenelghetto: “Rockers, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Times” series by Jurgen Vollmer, France early ”

Taken from the movie Quadrophenia, this image demonstrates a huge range of the Mod fashion trend. I feel the body language of the actors hugely portrays their characters and the mod culture. They all look very laid back, as if they don't care what anyone thinks of them, and I feel this represents a group of mods very well. I chose this image as I feel it will hugely inspire my clothes chose as well as the mood portrayed in my portrait of a mod.

Quadrophenia at Le Brady cinema on rainy day in Paris.

This image by Terry Spencer is a personal favourite of mine. I love the contrast between the hippies and the skinheads. The skinheads look very confident and in control, whereas the hippies look very reserved, I feel this reveals a lot about both their personalities as cultural groups.

My "Hippie Love" novel trucks through an era like this . Skinheads and hippies, Piccadilly Circus, Photo by Terry Spencer.

Taken from Vogue Patterns Edition 2009. This shoot inspired my idea to incorporate busy backgrounds in my fashion shoot, relating the background to each different Youth Culture.

Vogue Italia - Vogue Patterns Publication: Vogue Italia December 2007 Models: Lara Stone, Kinga Rajzak, Maryna Linchuk, Meghan Collison & Hanne-Gaby Odiele Photographer: Steven Meisel Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful Hair: Guido Palau Make-up: Pat McGrath

I love how simple this image by Karl Heinz Weinberger is. It focuses completely on the style of clothes the girls wears as well as her hair style and this is something I want to pull focus to in my images. There is nothing in the image to pull focus from the model.

For decades the work of Swiss photographer Karlheinz Weinberger was shrouded in obscurity.

I feel this image by Anthony Crook is a strong representation of a modern day skinhead, through the choice of clothing as well as the setting. The moody lighting of the boys club really reflects the moody, angry personality of a stereotypical skinhead.

Antony Crook: looked as his work in class v interesting use of shapes and lines. Look out for this, think about atmospheric yet positive shots. Deep dofield, light reading for the highlights. Take bright pictures todarken in post processing

I love the elegance of this image shot by Jason Tozer as an advertisement for "The Great Gatsby". Although it doesn't focus in the clothing choice it really says a lot about the 1920s Jazz Age, with the mid air dance and the clear point of the toes.

Martha Leebolt & Tobias Batley as Daisy & Gatsby in David Nixon's "The Great Gatsby." Photo by Jason Tozer. via Northern Ballet