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Everything you see or seem is just a dream within a dream..

writing prompt - We are a new breed rising with fire in our eyes. We don’t fear anything because we’ve already died.

This sounds just like Doctor Who. Otherwise it would be really creepy

The lights go out for five seconds. When they turn on again, you see a note stuck to your window. "Run.

I trusted you. Well then you can't exactly blame me, can you? It was your mistake.

Dialogue Prompt: "I trusted you." "Well then you can't exactly blame me, can you? It was your mistake.

Beautiful Women to Adore

Lyanna 'Lena' Hale - A legendary spy/assassin known by the name 'Tempest' who works for the Raven gang, although very few people know of her true identity as the rest of the time she works as a bar tender.

"seven billion people in the world, and you're overreacting we killed one man." "But-" "Seven. Billion. People. Now quit your complaining and drink your smoothie."

dialogue prompt: "Seven billion people in the wold, and youre overreacting because we killed one man. Now quit the complaining and drink you smoothie.

This command was not on any good man's list, the kid was a very life fulled friendly kid. But why would they demand he was killed? But no one questioned before rushing to slaughter the nine year old, who instantaneously tried fighting back killing many but running from several.

Her tiny hands braced over her head, tears coursed down her matted fur, every bit of her frail body shook as she waited for the blow.

I stared wide- eyed as they hobbled past me. They walked past the bush that I was hiding in and sniffing went reluctantly. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until now. I locked eyes with Lucy and we ran home.