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Sam Cannon Art - Watercolor Nautilus Seashells - pic for inspiration

Awesome watercolor illustration. She's amazing! Her type illustrations are pretty cool. by Sasha Prood

Awesome watercolor illustration, love the fades within the corals. by Sasha Prood

Four steps in a painting by New Zealand artist Amiria Gale

A collection of free art resources for teachers provided by the Student Art Guide. Posters and classroom handouts to make the busy teacher& job easier!

Une planche d'un luxueux ouvrage de conchyliologie François-Michel Regenfuss, Choix de coquillages et de crustacés peints d'après nature, gravés en taille-douce et illuminés de leurs vraies couleurs par François Michel Regenfuss, graveur du roi. Édition originale bilingue en français et allemand, Copenhague, A. H. Godiche, 1758.

A page of the luxurious book Conchological I François-Michel Regenfuss I Choice shellfish and crustaceans painted from life, engraved in intaglio and illuminated their true colors I François Michel Regenfuss, King burner I A.


Framed colour copies of Vintage sea shell prints are beachy and provide a home-like feel.

Oysters Art Print

Gofun is made from the Calcium in Oysters, which symbolize Love and Good Fortune, Scallops, which symbolize Travel and Movement and Clam Shells, which symbolize Purification and Love.

Claire Fletcher Artist  #illustration #art #design #illustrator #artist #designer #funny #picture #animal #cute

Pen and Ink illustrations by Claire Fletcher ~ Love the tiny little child in the shell ~ it must be a water baby :)