In this image, I can see a woman's face has been cut and as it reaches the top of her head, the pieces start to fly away and scatter. This would have been done using scissors and maybe glue to keep each piece in place -over all, this image has been photographed (the woman's face), created, and then photographed again.

Collage // portrait / fragmentation grade Students can cut up self-portrait photograph after they finish their drawings and have an accompanying piece. Collage with text?

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Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

Embroided Artwork - its different because I like the technique of the sewing/photographer: Richard Burbridge //styling: Robbie Spencer // artwork: Maurizio Anzeri, for Dazed and Confused, June 2011 //

Timothy Pakron hand-paints developer solution onto photo paper. The dripping chemical solution creates a stream of drips across the image, revealing further details of the face in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

Visual artist Timothy Pakron uses experimental darkroom techniques to create ‘silver drip portraits’ of his close friends and family.

Here’s a gorgeous blend of photography and painting. Timothy Pakron selectively exposes images of people’s faces by painting developer onto paper in a darkroom.

photojojo: Here’s a gorgeous blend of...

Timothy Pakron inspired portraits using developer on a brush

Our friends on the BTEC Photography course at Macclesfield College recently posted these great images. We love them so much we’re sharing them with you: “ The BTEC photography students recently.

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Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

Dazed and Confused may have just cribbed an entire concept from AnOther Man Magazine, but any editor who commissions Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri needs commendation.

Haunted mirrors by Allison Diaz

Allison Diaz collages from Haunted Mirrors explore the shifting perspectives of identity and the way we perceive ourselves and others