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the big bang theory studio and l - loar's apartment 3d floor plan
The Big Bang Theory- Welcome to Sheldon and Leonard’s Apartment! Visit our 3D model of the set in Live3D! #TBBT #FamousFloorPlans
a blue poster with the words, moon, tide, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun
sheldonian calendar
a large poster with many different colored lines
Sheldon's T-shirts. Arranged individually by episode from season 1 to season 6 (up to episode 5). Wow, someone spent a long time making this (I think it was originally for an online clothes shop - clever idea)
the big bang theory characters are standing in front of each other with their fingers up
The Big Bang Theory - Character Design
an image of many different colored objects on display
The Many Faces Of Sheldon Cooper – 13 Pics
the big bangzle show is shown in two different languages, and it's very funny
a man standing in front of a portrait of two women