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Vocabulary strategy - students write vocabulary words on each post-it, trace the post-its on a piece of paper, and write each definition in the squares. They trade with a partner and the partner has to stick each word on top of its definition.

Possibly use this for Outreach- so I don't have to give prompts nonstop, they have to be responsible for lifting it up when they need a hint. Picture hints would be best bc don't give away too much, and good for illiterate students.

Alcea ' Rosea Nigra' - Hollyhock. From Sarah Raven.

Buy Alcea rosea 'Nigra' from Sarah Raven: Buy Alcea rosea 'Nigra' from Sarah Raven. The classic cottage garden hollyhock with huge saucer flowers in near black.

Erigeron 'Pink Jewel' - commonly known as Fleabane (sure I've got some front garden but went crazy this summer)

Seaside wall and rockery plant - Erigeron 'Pink Jewel' - commonly known as Fleabane on Picturenation, The simplest image library on the net.