Lime Cilantro Rice a La Chipotle - Cook Smarts

Lime Cilantro Rice a La Chipotle

Lime Cilantro Rice a La Chipotle - Cook Smarts This is a no-brainer recipe with delicious results.

Lemon Rice recipe

Lemon Rice is a simple dish that you can put together for a quick lunch. You can even make it with left over rice. You can make this dish with all the simple ingredients from your pantry.

Brunch with Amber: Healthy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Healthy Chicken Fried Rice - This recipe was super simple and very good! Leftovers were even better!

Coconut Rice recipe

Coconut Rice is a delicious dish which is generally made during special occasions or festival times. It takes only a few minutes to make this dish. SO you can even pack this for lunch box.

Green Mango Rice Recipe | Ugadi Festival Recipes | Mangai Sadam

Simple South Indian rice recipe made with Green Mango and tempered with assorted spices.

SunBird Fried Rice Recipe

Sunbird® Fried Rice Seasoning Mix makes it easy to create this classic Asian entrée. Whether you use chopsticks or a fork, you’re sure to enjoy every delicious bite.