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Breastfeeding: setting yourself up for success. Nutrition for successful breastfeeding. Pregnancy Nutrition, Pregnancy Tips, Pregnancy Stages, Mom Jokes, Mom Humor, Parenting Humor, Parenting Advice, Cures For Morning Sickness, Parenting Toddlers

The breastfeeding context: a set-up for success - Sara Russell, Ph.D., NTP

In this initial installment of my post series on breastfeeding, I cover the importance of setting up a supportive context. Stay tuned for further posts.

My first year as a mother. what I've learned and what I would do differently! Parenting Fail, Parenting Styles, Parenting Quotes, Reflux Baby, Theme Tunes, Toddler Age, My First Year, Boy First Birthday, Infant Activities

A Reflection: My first year as a mum

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Travelling with a toddler. How bad can it be? Here are some tips and tricks to survive the long plane or car journey on your vacation! Toddler Travel, Travel With Kids, Family Travel, Car Travel, Travel Abroad, Travel Tips, Step Parenting, Parenting Hacks, Traveling With Baby

Travelling with a toddler... How bad can it be?

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Sometimes bonding with your baby takes time, and pregnant women need to know that! All About Pregnancy, Pregnancy Tips, Letter To My Daughter, Love My Kids, Mom Advice, Baby Sister, Breastfeeding Tips, Happy Kids, New Moms

Baby Bonding Guilt

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff When you're pregnant, people try to prepare you for the birth. They tell you about their birth stories, some of which may be more like horror stories to a first time pregnant mum! They ask you your birthing plan. They even tell you that you won't sleep properly again, or at…

As women we find it difficult to love ourselves, but here are a number of reasons why and how we should. lumps, bumps and all! Learning To Love Yourself, Take Care Of Yourself, Learn To Love, Look In The Mirror, Activities For Kids, Mental Health, Parenting, Girl Power, Raising

Learn to love yourself | Learning to love yourself, Learn to love, Learning

May 28, 2018 - Share Tweet to @mummykindoff The title says it all really, all I have seen lately is people beating themselves up whether they are too thin, too fat, too tall…the list is endless, but when di…

Some self care tips for all the mamas out there! Parenting Toddlers, Good Parenting, Parenting Hacks, Caring For Mums, Dealing With Depression, New Mums, Priorities, Self Care, This Or That Questions

Putting yourself first

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff So one thing I’ve noticed recently is that, as mums, we rarely prioritise ourselves. We put everything before our wellbeing, seriously…even the washing comes before putting ourselves first and my question is why? Why is it “normal” to be over tired and under-appreciated…when did it become acceptable for mums to feel…

Babies grow up so quickly! So here are 21 ways that you can make the most of it and treasure all of those precious moments! Parenting Advice, Kids And Parenting, Small Baby, Baby Sister, Nicu, Baby Grows, New Parents, Precious Moments, Our Baby

They Aren't Little for Long - 21 Ways to Treasure Lovely Moments

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Harriet carried group B strep in her pregnancy, but would you know what to do or how to find out if you also carry the bacteria? Pregnancy Labor, Pregnancy Information, Need To Know, How To Find Out, Maternity, Knowledge, Parenting, Mindful, Baby Ideas

Group B Strep – Aware.

30-50% of women carry strep b at any given time. Generally it's harmless to the women who carry it. Yet, it can be fatal for the babies that they carry.

No second thoughts. I may have baby brain but I'm still me. How to be you at the same time as being mum! Just Smile, Family Life, Activities For Kids, Brain, Parenting, Thoughts, Mom, The Brain, Kid Activities

No Second Thoughts

Concentration is a thing of the past. Long gone are the days I could recall information. I’m pretty sure that when people have conversations with me that my eyes are glazed over and I just smile and nod in agreement.

Becoming a self-employed mum. Working Mums, Activities For Kids, How To Become, Self, Parenting, Mom, Lifestyle, Kid Activities, Childcare

Becoming a self-employed mum.

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Weddings and holidays take so much planning as they are. When you factor in children things can get messy. Here are some tips to help your day and honeymoon run smoothly. Parenting Workshop, Parenting Books, Gentle Parenting, Parenting Advice, Kids And Parenting, Baby Planning, Wedding Planning, Interesting Reads, Family Life

Top tips for mums planning a wedding and honeymoon

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Becoming a single mum the baby steps Im taking - Single Mothers Quotes - Ideas of Single Mothers Quotes - The road to becoming a single mother isnt easybut it is made slightly easier by these tips and tricks to make the transition smoother Co Parenting Classes, Step Parenting, Single Parenting, Parenting Advice, Parenting Quotes, Single Mother Quotes, Difficult Children, Single Mum, Baby Steps

Becoming a single mum, the baby steps I'm taking

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Mummykind: Feel the burn, mummy Natural Birth, New Mums, Activities To Do, Pregnancy Workout, New Parents, How To Stay Motivated, Mom And Dad, At Home Workouts, Burns

Feel the burn, mummy

Getting fit and losing baby weight after giving birth can be fun with Park Run and Buggyfit