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Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet- Fine Motor Fridays - LalyMom Itsy Bitsy Spider Hand and Finger Puppet from Lalymom (pinned by Super Simple Songs) for If you appreciate arts and crafts you will appreciate this cool website!

What's On 4 Little Ones - Fruit snack ideas for birthday parties

Snakes on a stick - half a banana, 3 strawberries, 3 almond slivers & bamboo skewer. (for nut allergies they can take out the almonds and swap choc chips for the eyes the poke through the stick a little more to pose as a tongue)

Classroom Decorating Themes | Rainforest Decorations For Classroom - The Rainforest

Rainforest Jungle - in middle school our entire grade level did this, but on a larger level. All the students created things to decorate an entire room. Seems silly, but I still remember the feeling of being surrounded b