Amy Chapman
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body art

Artist makes life-size art using just her body and a piece of charcoal - very unique.I think I would like to try using charcoal.

low budget photography tips

Low Budget Photo Tips - Create amazing photo effects with simple household items – Post about amazing photo effects with low budget articles

Damien Blottiere

Superb selection of works from Bloodyloud favourite photographer Damien Blottiere with his unique style combining collage and photography.

Alana Dee Haynes - Fashion

New Work by Alana Dee Haynes. Brand new work by artist Alana Dee Haynes (Previously on Supersonic). Continue below for even more new work from Alana: [[MORE]] Alana Dee Haynes: Website

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

Good Objects for Still Life Drawings: hanging still life --- great article lots of really usable ideas ---