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His smile his laugh his silliness his everything jst completes me his everything jst.(dreamy sigh) i love u babyy never leave me i love u so much u have no idea how much i love u,u are my everything and i love 💘💘 u complete me baby 💘💘

Bae af

Baby i can't even explain what ur love's like actually i can ready ur funny,sweet,fun to hang out with,ur amazing babyy i love u so much

Stop the hate!! love u Jacob! #supportjacob

People need to stop all the lies just to get attention. They need to realize that he's human too and that he has feelings. We need to stop the Jacob hate!

"I'm Jacob I'm 15 and single. I'm a jock whos always at any and every party. I'm a ladies man." I smile "my older sister is Kylie"

Yessss just to let you know he is mine. So back off

Yessss just to let you know he is mine. So back off <-- I really hope this comment was sarcastic <<< same lol, I feel really weirded out that he has like, y. Nothing better than preying on a twelvie, right?