Learn letters by making them. I always suggest parents start with the letters in their child's name . Which letters did your child learn first?

Letter Of The Week Crafts

Preschool letter of the week curriculum - fun and engaging letter crafts. Alphabet crafts for preschool.

What a FUN way to introduce letters. Students find the matching letter on their paper and trace it to match the color on the card.

FUN Back to School Games for Kindergarten

Back to School Games for Kindergarten- For this activity, "Colorful Letters", students say the name of the letter on the card. They find the letter on their paper and trace it using the color from the card.

No Time for Flash Cards: This is the letter sorting game  for cars and trucks. You could do it as a magnet activity like we did or laminate it. This activity is part of our Alphabet for Starters series that is focused on making playing with letters fun and dynamic. This can be adapted to any level. For children just beginning to notice letters can simply put the letters on the road.

Alphabet Road - Letter Sorting

Alphabet Game - letter sorting with cars and trucks. I think I'd make sure the vehicles for lowercase letters were short, tall or "in the wormies" under the road. All capital vehicles would need to touch top of the road.

Fluency Strips with SIGHT WORDS and CVC words! 480 simple sentences that kids can READ! Hang them on your end cap for each access!

480 simple sentences to flip and READ! Great way to build fluency in BEGINNING and or STRUGGLING readers! **this will help with automaticity. This can be done individually or with a partner. This can be integrated with any subject area.

Your very own bob and bob from phonics play - choose the words/ purpose. The children can see the words/ post them in the bin mouths! Is it a real word or alien/silly word? I love the iwb bob and bob but I have a visually impaired child who needs to see bigger font nice and close.

Love this idea for adapting the IWB phonics play game; sorting real or nonsense words from the different phonic phases. This game could be used for indoor or outdoor play.

"Monster, Monster, did you eat something yummy? What letter can we find in your tummy?"  Put cards with Phase 2/3/4/5 sounds  on them.

Sandwich Box Monster Craft: Who knew the empty box that holds your sandwich bags could make such a cute little monster box craft?

Punctuation Marks For Kids Sentence by KidsLearningTools on Etsy

Sentence Punctuation VELCRO Activity Match: Period, Question Mark or Exclamation Mark, Grade Learning, Grade, Kids Educational Toy

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