Positive/Negative Space

collage - silhouette cats - by Elizabeth Rosen - like the cat in 3 different kinds of paper

Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial Cool technique to create your own textured canvas

Artangel: Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial - basically, glue tissue paper over a canvas, let dry. Paint, let dry, then rub oil pastel or crayon over the surface to highlight the texture.

AP Studio Art project by Sucha Chantaprasopsuk of Reavis High School - beautiful work!

Phenomenal Fruit Drawings: AP Studio Art

In these works the enlarged realistic forms take on an almost abstract quality. Fruit is deliberately sliced and arranged, exposing glistening textures and layers; providing opportunity for stunning mark-making and subtle variation in tone.


Fungi mushrooms are packed with texture. I have used this image as the texture is very delicate but also very bold at the same time. I like the shape of this image and would I would enjoy incorporating mushrooms or other foods in my art work.


Lichen is a living organism that invites the eye to explore its unique tones, styles, and patterns.

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform. This textiles piece of work interests me as I like how the brown and darker parts of it look as it looks like a real map. The contour lines help to convey this

embroidering french knots on a photo of lichen. via http://timothea.tumblr.com

Playing around and embroidering french knots on top of my photos of lichens. Just testing some textures out for what will hopefully turn out to be a bigger project later.