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an egg pattern is shown in yellow and black on a white background with gray lines
Eggs. #the100DayProject #100daysofSFPatterns @Sara Combs
an orange and white dog on a blue background with other dogs in the same pattern
柴犬 by shino|CREATORS BANK〈クリエイターズバンク〉
柴犬 by shino | CREATORS BANK http://creatorsbank.com/shino0516s/works/277344
colorful dinosaurs with dots and spots on them
Sally Payne - Illustration & Surface Pattern Design
Sally Payne | Illustration and Surface Pattern Designer
a white background with colorful sailboats on it
What I love friday #40
TGIF! I got you some very jummy, fun and creative goodies from the web. Enjoy! Joepie de poepie het is alweer vrijdag! Vandaag weer lekker veel inspiratie om je vrolijk het weekend in te laten gaan. Beter dan dit gaat het echt niet worden hoor, kijk nou! Printable cities by Hello June. Met deze printables…
an image of fruit and leaves on a white background that is seamlessly grouped together
Emily Isabella: Photo
Emily Isabella
a blue background with colorful bugs and leaves on it's sides, all in different colors
print & pattern
print & pattern: November 2015