Burns Night or St. Andrew's Day kilt card.

Three Crafts for Burn's Night: kilt craft, haggis craft and thistle craft, and all easy enough for young children.

Wee Gillis bagpipe craft

Bagpipe Craft: Materials Needed: 4 paper towel rolls 1 toilet paper roll Brown paper bag News paper Tape o.

Cecilia Levy - Paper Thistles

This is the beautiful work of Swedish artist Cecilia Levy. Now this did not work for the whole thing "new year", but look at this! Eggs paper and thistles!

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

Happy Saint Andrew’s Day! November 30 An t-Samhain 30 [An=The Water From Heaven + Drew=Oak]

Scotland in words...

Are you interested in our word map? With our british isles you need look no further.