installation - could put different shapes within transparencies, would have to look from one angle.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame

Cada niño hará flores de papel pinocho y otros tipos de papeles diferentes y utilizarán alambres como tallos. Cuando haya hecho cada una la suya realizarán en clase un jardín en el que pondrán todas en un rincón del aula en una base de corcho para que se queden sujetas.

Hanging Gardens by Rebecca Louise Law

INSTALLATIONS - Hanging Gardens by Rebecca Louise Law bringing a relationship of art and nature to everyone by making it immerseful


Tokyo-born artist Naoko Ito created a fascinating visual using over-sized mason jars to fit parts of a large tree branch.

Surreal symbolic sculptures by Michael Alfano (New Yorker in Hopkinton, Massachusetts) 2013 • depicted: flying head • Alfano interprets philosophical ideas "The best art engages, generates discussion, and brings about change. My art compels viewers to experience, think, and understand life more fully." • materials artist uses: bronze / cold cast copper / resin

Surreal Symbolic Sculptures by Michael Alfano

bronzehustler: “Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based sculptor Michael Alfano creates surreal sculptures that use the human body and face to interpret philosophical ideas. The gifted artist’s creations blur the line between figurative and abstract as each.

wire and paper More

art project 1 :) Created with wire and tissue paper soaked in gel medium. perhaps we could use collected sticks and tissue paper?

Protesto para a NATUREZA

it's ironic because the smoke coming out of the towers is usually bad for the environment while trees are the opposite

Bags of Aggro - Kirsty Whitlock mixed media fiber art #stitching

Bags of Aggro - Kirsty Whitlock mixed media fiber. I like this piece because it includes an ordinary item which is transformed into a textile piece.

The Conquest of Natureby Eugenia Loli (178) The Old Reader

The Conquest of Nature. Collage by Eugenia Loli // digital art college and one of the best graphic designs I've ever come across

Artist and embroiderer Kirsty Whitlock - De Montfort University Design Crafts graduate

'Losses by British mixed media textile artist Kirsty Whitlock. via the artist's site

We were so honored to have environmental artist Liina Klauss install her wast #mandala chinese landscape 垃圾山水 for #KODHK

environmental artist Liina Klauss installed her waste mandala chinese landscape 垃圾山水 for

Collin Chillag contrasts meticulously rendered details with gorgeously abstracted and unfinished elements in his amazing portraits.

Collin Chillag

Arizona based artist Colin Chillag takes traditional portraiture to a whole new level with these fragmented paintings. Chillag’s portraits are a are a curious mix of.

Lisa Kokin Maternal Instinct

Textile Portraits, How to Stitch Art, Artist Study with thanks to Lisa Kokin…

Underwater World / Jellies / Fiber Art installation by Sayuri

Underwater World / Jellies / Fiber Art installation by Sayuri "A beautiful array of jellyfish.

jellyfish (2007) | cotton machine embroidery & ink on linen | sarah-lou newman..

Cotton machine embroidery & ink on linen.

Sketchbook - Harriet Popham Textiles

Sketchbook, appears a latex look, stitch.

Underwater Flight installation is finally up! Come and see the jellies at the airport! ...

Incredible ART installation by fiber artist Sayuri looks like an underwater world, teeming with fabric jellyfish and felt corals.