Swamp Sensory Tub

A swamp made from Gelatine! Very easy to do and very easy to choose a theme for play. Great sensory activity for all children, including those that are are affected by autism or learning differences.

Messy Boats: Sticky, Yummy Toddler Play

MESSY BOATS - Create an amazing sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers. An easy outdoor activity that kids will love & parents will love too! Using Bounty Advanced paper towels & Dawn Platinum Advanced Power, this activity cleans up in seconds.

Today, we painted our Tuff spot, with a little help from our trusty train friends. We chose five colours and five trains;

Top 10 Tuff Tray Filler Ideas

Top 10 Tuff Tray Filler Ideas, part of Less Toys. More Play series. Including ideas using cereal, shaving foam, water, dinosaurs and teddy bears.

Sand Foam Messy Sensory Play Recipe for Kids

Sand foam is quick and easy to make with just 2 ingredients. Get in the sand box and enjoy an awesome messy sensory play experience with sand foam any time.

Cornflake Sensory Tuff Spot – Day 56 Toddler Play Challenge

Cornflake Sensory Tuff Spot – Day 56 Toddler Play Challenge - Adventures of Adam