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The most insane thing I've ever seen - "The intensity, frustration and violence of her performance (literally) on the razor’s edge are a testament to the intense dedication and sometimes physical suffering required of ballet performers."

Watch This Ballerina Dance In Pointe Shoes With Knives Attached To Them. The short film En Puntas features a ballerina dancing on top of a piano in pointe shoes that are extended by sharp knives.

hungry [[could do this with actual mismatched silverware as fun corner art or a sweet lighting feature. Would have to figure out a way to make SURE they don't fall out of the ceiling!]]

Spoon line illustration. I'm thinking I could make one of these. Drill holes in the handles, string them with jewelry wire and secure with a crimp.wha-la, I have a windchime!

Inflatable sculptures - Max Streicher

Max_Streicher_Inflatable-Sculptures_collabcubed If you made oil like forms "drop" into the air

Yosuke Goda

Une incroyable pièce totalement illustrée au marqueur par l’artiste japonais Yosuke Goda. (I don't speak French but I think) an incredible piece totally illustrated from marker by the Japanese artist Yosuke Goda

Chilean artist Livia Marin showcases “Broken Things”

Chilean artist Livia Marin showcases “Broken Things” in which she takes mass produced items, and makes them into unique works of art.

Emptying Gestures

LA, New Orleans-based Artist Heather Hansen - "Emptying Gestures is an experiment in kinetic drawing. In this series, I…