Textile: Woven Tucks - sheer white blouse with textured weave detail - structural fabric manipulation for fashion;

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Heat-manipulated textiles design with textures using synthetic fabric & clear plastic + embroidery; fabric manipulation techniques // Amy Kelly p PARA RECICLAR

April 2016 -Innovative Textiles Design with layers of leather & beaded embellishment for pattern & texture // Jade Sexton

Mathtastic Web Fashion - Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture collection for Spring 2009 seems inspired by a mathematically-brilliant spider. Intricate details of webs and ne.

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INDIA: FASHION: SWATI KALSI Based out of New Delhi, Swati Kalsi designs fashion and textiles in collaboration with traditional Indian artisans. In an interview with Indian By Design, Kalsi describes textiles as “poetic and graceful, with an evident.