This is a garment by Ashleigh Smith. She uses Origami to create the triangles on…

3D Paper Manipulation

I really like origami and paper manipulation and I find it's a really fast way to mock up so designs. There are pictures of the originals, made from white paper and quick mock ups where i've photoshoped my designs over.

From Diana Eaton's FB post on November 14, 2014: "Made from 1000s of plastic…

Diana Eaton, "Made from of plastic tamperproof rings from milk bottles, Vegemite jars, yoghurt and pet food containers, held together by fishing line.

Light Pink, Magenta and Jade Color Palette

Light Pink, Magenta and Jade Color Palette

photography by elena nuez

(love the idea of using this paper in a jewelry rolling mill for a great texture on metal!