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Faça uma lagarta com seus alunos - atividade divertida
Faça essa lagarta divertida com seus alunos! Eles vão amar!! Ideal para trabalhar o projeto Animais do Jardim ou dentro da temática Natureza na Educação infantil.
a person is holding a stick with several bottle caps on it and the sticks are made out of cork
a person is holding something in their hand
Musik aus Müll: 6 Kinder-Musikinstrumente aus Abfällen basteln
a child's hand is making a cross out of sticks and rocks on the grass
Garden activities for kids: 60 fun things to do with kids at home - Growing Family
six different colored sauces in plastic containers on a table with utensils and paper towel
Play More Month
a little boy that is sitting at a table
50 Easy Fall crafts ideas to celebrate the autumn season | Hike n Dip
the ingredients for this recipe are labeled in red, white and pink colors on top of each other
The Play Dough that Launched a Craft Book for Kids!