Love the idea for the beer and the easy clean fridge!

12 creative ideas that will change your life-Wish I had thought of the grilled cheese! So smart!

Use a staple remover to open key ring--finally an idea to save your nails!

Use a Staple Remover to Save Your Fingernails When Trying to Add Things to Your Key Ring life hacks how to make your life easier Tips Life Hacks Easy DIY Do It Yourself Uses Hack Reuse Renew Easier How to Design

This company takes your kid's drawing and turns it into a toy! Amazing

This company takes your kid's drawing and turns it into a toy. What kid wouldn't want their drawing turned into a toy!

A Light that Flowers

Very cool idea: use old light bulbs for a festive vase to hang in the garden. (Cool Crafts With Light Bulbs)

balloon candle

how to make a volia candle holder Add cold water to a balloon. Dip balloon into hot wax. Leave to cool. Prick balloon and carefully remove. Add a small tea light and voila - your very own home-made luminier


Tennis Ball Redo: A DIY Stuff Holder

Tennis Ball as a key Holder. A genius idea to DIY a functional, funny and adorable key holder with a tennis ball. See the tutorial

chalkboard walls

Chalkboard Paint Home Helpers

Chalkboard crafts ideas for kids and adults. Best craft projects made using chalkboard paint. DIY chalkboard craft ideas using paper, fabric. Use chalkboard paint on pumpkins, vases, picture frames,