Fun boho dress. I could see wearing this in winter with boots.

TOWN COUNTRY HOME. pop of lace at the bottom and the necklace framing the unbuttoned buttons.

A small living room with built-ins next to the fireplace.

199 Small Living Room Ideas for 2018

Home Stratosphere A smaller living room with a cream sectional sofa and dark wood cabinets built into arched alcoves on either side of the fireplace.

A chic and minimalist living room with light wood paneling and a wheeled coffee table with a single glass vase. The light gray couch has turquoise, pale yellow, and brown throw pillows. The mixture of the wood panelling and the minimalist makes this space a "modern contemporary cabin."

199 Small Living Room Ideas for 2018

Rooms will merely contain essential furniture. Design a rooms like this looks quite spacious and appear comfortable in 1 room, but actually, have various functions. A minimalist living room makes a…