Painting with coffee (wow! who needs expensive paints when we have expensive coffee! : )

Painting with Coffee by =Gold-Seven on deviantART - I've tied my hand at coffee painting before and it didn't go too well. But with something like this to refer to, I'm totally going to have another go!

yes please.

A great idea for a gift for an RV lover! RVers are travelers. Make them a pillow with the image of a map of their favorite vacation spot. It will be the perfect addition to their RV interior.

usfsacd: Joshua L Jones, USF Facultad de Arquitectura de la Clase del Proyecto 2011 Master Terminal 2: "Planos para un lugar de reflexión" - primavera de 2011, el profesor - Steve proceso CookeThesis

Joshua L Jones, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2011 Terminal Master’s Project 2 : “Drawings for a place of Reflection” - Spring 2011

why i love typography 22 Why I Love Text Art & Typography – 33 Amazing Examples

Writing coffee with the "coffee cup stains" is nice. The original stain that makes the "C" was probably enlarged to create the "f", overlaid to create the "e". The nice brown color that remind us of real coffee stain.

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Fashion Portraits by Florian Nicolle

Digital artist and illustrator Florian Nicolle blends layers of newsprint, watercolor, pencil, and digital painting to create rich, frenetic portraits.