Martha Graham, Lamentation

For me isolation of insomnia. You are deeply in your own world. Martha Graham, Lamentation This would look great in a music video


Emma Veronica Johansson by Tomas Näsström for Blend Magazine March/April Hair and makeup by Ignacio Alonso.

Ce Photographe Illustre sa propre Dépression avec des Autoportraits Poignants - page 10

Ce Photographe Illustre sa propre Dépression avec des Autoportraits Poignants (page 10)

Photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in dark self-portraits

Bart Hess - Slime. Référence proposée par Barbara Verhaeghe, thérapeute spécialisée dans l'accompagnement des personnes souffrant de T.C.A. Site internet :

[These images and choice of material evoke a human foetus struggling to emerge from the womb to become its own person. Perhaps the beings do not want to enter.

- i chose this photo because I found it interesting,like the way it shows different views of a woman face

Brno Del Zou Take multiple photos, cut them into different sized fragments and reassemble them in odd places that still work.


eric traore make-up nightmare

JENNY SAVILLE & GLEN LUCHFORD  Closed Contact #14, 1995-1996  C-print mounted in Plexiglas  72 x 72 x 6 inches (182.9 x 182.9 x 15.2 cm)  Ed. of 6

Jenny Saville & Glen Luchford - Closed Contact I find this stunning! Mostly the message the artists portrayed here.

Face painting   maquillage artistique   photo peinture maquillage image face painting body painting Alexander Khokhlov

Face painting - maquillage artistique

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of the project “Weird Beauty”. Model is Alexandra Romanova and make-up artist is Valeriya Kutsan.

Capture me under layers of film paper and press me between 2 panes of glass. Call me your work of art. Call me your work in progress.

Little Pink Kitten

Andreas Poupoutsis - Hidden Identities - Google Search

Andreas Poupoutsis Hidden Identities h replication

Skindeep par le photographe Julien Palast

Skindeep par le photographe Julien Palast

Skindeep by Julien Palast

Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

I love the simplicity and edginess of this face paint, coupled with the models expression and simple makeup.

Face revealed in translucency.

Face revealed in translucency.


Bernard Wilhelm testen met lino of styrofoam prints van afzonderlijke delen.


barthess: Slime x Bart Hess