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a painting of a woman with her eyes closed wearing a white dress and black hair
a drawing of a dog sitting in a chair looking at a bird on the wall
Lisa Hurwitz
a drawing of a woman wearing a hat and holding a bird in her right hand
Portfolio non diffusé
manon gauthier Nouvelle image
a drawing of a woman wearing a blue hat and polka dot dress with an umbrella on her head
manon gauthier
manon gauthier
a painting of a woman with glasses and a white wig is featured in this image
manon gauthier
wonderful + whimsical illustrations (much more on her blog) || Manon Gauthier
a watercolor and ink drawing of a woman with cat ears
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Art by Christina Romeo
a child's drawing of a cat with red eyes and ears wearing a brown dress
Can I come?
Can I come?
a drawing of a girl with orange hair holding flowers in her hand and looking up at the sky
Caroline....Original Mixed Media Watercolor Illustration 6 x 9
Beautiful art by Christina Romeo
an abstract painting of a doll with pink eyes and brown hair, wearing a green dress
Jessica Original by Mindy Lacefield | Etsy
Jessica original by Mindy Lacefield by timssally on Etsy, $28.00
a drawing of leaves and a car on a white surface with words written below it
Mon parc (september 2013)
Mon parc (september 2013) by Manon Gauthier, via Behance
a drawing of a woman holding a cup of coffee with her face covered by a scarf
Cards natural hair styling products - Natural Hair Styles #styling #hair #NaturalHairStyles
there is a card with a drawing of a woman and cat on it
knitty knitty
by kate
a drawing of a cup with some food in it
windypoplarsroom: “Kati Immonen ”