Vase in Art Nouveau style with chrysanthemums by Kinkōzan Sōbei VII (1868 - 1927), Japan

Ashmolean − Eastern Art Online, Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art

Exclusive Photo Feature: Jenny Saville Drawing At The Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford is currently presenting the exhibition Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice, this new show explores how the splendour of Venice a

Interior of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England. Personal photograph from a Tumblr account by Ninbra, 2012.

Interior of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England. Personal photograph from a…

Charles Isaac Ginner (1878 - 1952)  Hampstead Heath - Spring. Painted in the spring of 1932 when Ginner was living at Hampstead.

art-and-things-of-beauty: “ Charles Isaac Ginner - Hampstead Heath, Spring. Oil on canvas, 69 x 51 cm.

Oxford. Ashmolean Museum. Deesses minoiques amb serps procedents de Cnossos. (Serpent Goddesses of Knossos) 1650-1600 aC.

Not Goddess - Ruler - Empress - she handled snakes to show her power and connection to the divine - "Snake Goddess

Two myna birds (front)   © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Two Myna Birds -- Circa 1620 -- Mughal, North India -- Via the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England.

Randolph Hotel, Oxford. Really enjoyed our afternoon tea here. Beautiful hotel!! Xx

Randolph Hotel, Oxford I stayed here, in this wonderful hotel across from the Ashmolean Museum, for three nights in June A great experience!

Another Minoan octopus jar. This one is from the Ashmolean in Oxford. I like octopuses.

Clay pithos (storage jar) with octopus design Cretan, H: cm. Late Minoan period II (about 1450 BC).