easter art with carrots

Writing, painting and printing with carrots :: Easter crafts

Find the word in the bin. Fun sensory activity. Easy to adapt for preschoolers--use numbers, shapes, etc.

Digging for Carrot Sight Words Activity

Dig for word carrots with this gardening sensory tub sight words activity! A playful way to practise literacy skills and learn new sight words.

The children loved this set up and drew their own pictures and wrote about what…

Take in veges for chn to set up their own scene. They then write up that scene using the style of Supertato.

pincer grasp and hand strengthening

Potato Counter - This activity works on pincer grasp and hand strengthening by placing and counting toothpicks on fruits and vegetables.


Check out 'Fun Phonics' to see Bouncy Blending in action and check out their other ideas while you're there!