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The Big Zoo

the big zoo poster

The work of Simon Walker via Allen Peters blog - created via

The work of Simon Walker / lettering

Friday by Adrian Iorga

Typography inspiration

Yay Friday friday happy friday tgif days of the week friday quotes friday love happy friday quotes

B'ink por Lucaz Mathias, via Behance

I ♥ Typography - graphic design, logo design

via emily wright | #typography like the font

If you can feel the feeling , then the typography is working. Think I& slouch in my arm chair, put my feet up and add up the good things of the day& be & Ease.& Notice you stopped feeling at ease with the squared off type-face?

Mike Greenwell, Letterer - created via

examples of custom made script type. simple and elegant

P.E.M.S Font illustrations on Behance

P.E.M.S Font illustrations by Pems Lou, via Behance For modern version of an illustrated letter

This is cool because it makes the "E" in "idea" look like it is a lightbulb. This works very well for the company because a lightbulb is like a universal symbol for an idea. I also like the simplicity of the lettering and how they left the first letter lowercase.

I like this logotype because it's very simple and attractive, yet still clever with the light bulb (which can represent an idea) within the letter e.

Bryan Todd  Hey @Claudio Arriagada Guarnaccia Studio our artwork is on Pinterest!

I See a Darkness by Bryan Todd on Behance.

R U N W I T H T H E G O L D E N W O L F | Golden Wolf for ilovedust

ilovedust design of the whole site, basically.

keep discovering

Keep Discovering :: 25 Beautiful black and white print designs for your inspiration

Hudson Mohawke

Typography inspiration

Hudson Mohawke This has the look of a Chaz Russo design.

Little Empire of Evil by Kameo

Typography inspiration

Little Empire of Evil by kvmeo--> "Kayleigh's empire of evil" birthday present idea

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving

Emiliano Aranguren: Frases celebres ilustradas

ALBERT EINSTEIN – “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving” (awesome type quotes by Emiliano Aranguren)