Christian Easter Gifts and cards

Celebrate the resurrection with cards that proclaim that Jesus is risen and gifts that remind people of the Hope we have in Christ. Encourage the church with…
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a painting of a sunset with three crosses in the distance
My popular Easter card is now available to elevate your Easter decor! Printed on an A4 piece of archival paper, the texture brings out the gorgeous colours of dawn (swipe to see a close up). It is ready to frame and hang on your wall or sit on your mantelpiece as a beautiful reminder of what happened on resurrection Sunday. #easterdecor #hisheartbeats #christianmumuk #christianeasterdecor #christianeaster
two cards with the words, it's heart beats and an image of a sunset
His heart beats He will never die again I know that death no longer has dominion over Him So my heart beats with the rhythm of the saints As I look for the seeds the King has sown to burst out from their graves I know he took one breath and put death to death! -Andrew Peterson Happy Easter!
Brand new for Easter 2023: a giant colouring page to keep the kids entertained during Holy Week.
the text 5 ways to rejoice, share and celebrate easter in 2021 on a green background
5 ways to rejoice and celebrate Easter in 2021
a card with the words 5 ways to celebrate easter in 2021 and why is the lamb?
5 ways to celebrate Easter in 2021