Small business Mother’s Day gifts and cards

a card with two lemons on it and a pen next to it that says, greeting you on long squeeze
Cards & prints on sale
Cards & prints on sale – And Hope Designs
A new way to give flowers for Mother’s Day
A letterbox gift available to send directly or to give yourself. • 2 floral hand painted dinner candles • A bar of Tony’s chocoloney slave-free chocolate • A card from a lovely selection. Give flowers this Mother’s Day, but not as you have before.
Two new ceramic heart designs to celebrate the mums, grannies and nannies this Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day ceramic heart designs • Feathers • Flowers Hand lettered with the word you would like - mam, mum, mummy, nanny, gran, granny… whatever you’d like! Choose which design to go with it.
How to paint candles
To make your own hand painted candles you’ll need • Candles • Acrylic paint • Paint brushes • rubbing alcohol • Somewhere to let them dry! It really is very simple, though not easy to do. Accuracy comes with practice. Painting on a curved surface is very different to painting on something flat. If you want some ready painted for you, head to my shop -