Watercolour inspiration

I love that the post box was specifically requested to be kept in this painting. It adds so much to the sweet house. Really enjoyed painting this last month. #watercolourhousepainting #housepainting #watercolourhouseportrait #houseportrait
Timelapse of painting a house with watercolour, adding in depth and detail.
Watercolour painting of a house
Paint a watercolour house portrait commission with me.
I paint watercolour house portraits regularly, this commission was for a family home. • A5 300gsm watercolour paper • Winsor and Newton watercolour paints • Took around 5 hours to complete, including a hand lettered address.
a watercolor painting of a yellow bicycle with flowers in it's front basket
Happy Yellow 07A Wall Mural by Lisa Audit
an orange potted plant hanging from a chain on a blue and white tile wall
Moroccan Tiles / Botanical Print / Home Decor / Moroccan / Bathroom Wall Decor / Housewarming Gift / Botanical Illustration / Dorm Wall Art - Etsy
a plate with some croissants and coffee on it
a painting of carrots with green tops and stems growing from the top to the bottom
a painting of a house with balloons floating in the air above it on a shelf
23 Beautiful Watercolor Painting References - Watercolor House and Sky
Watercolour house painting commission
This is the finished piece of a personalised watercolour house painting commission of a beautiful home in belfast. Each brick is individually painted, the garden is intricately finished and the painting is completed with shadows and black fine line pen marks. You can also have the address calligraphy hand lettered below the painting. The perfect custom and personal gift. Choose from A5, A4 or A3 and give a gift that will brign joy for years to come.