From Grooving Through Fourth Grade- Getting to know your students: ideas for the beginning of the school year...

toss n talk for all questions or task kids have to complete.must answer the question or complete the task under their right thumb. Would be great for a first slumber party game. Let the girls get to know each other.

laminated pieces of paper with pegs hot glue gunned to the top - for displaying work

displaying student's work - laminated pieces of construction paper and clothes pins with thumb tacks hot glued to back.I would probably draw my own frames on the construction paper and then spray paint the clothespins fun colors.

Conversation Jenga. Fun way to learn more about your classmates! (Picture only)

What a great idea for the first week: Conversation Jenga! This is a fun way to play Jenga as well as to get students thinking and talking. Students answer a question each time they pull a piece. (This could also work for reading questions.

What a fun "first day of school" activity to try! Easy to set up--and I bet the students will LOVE it!

For the Love of Teaching: Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity & Math About Me}. We have used inflatable ball for Geography. Seen some fill in the blank, what about blue or clear then they could write on it?

Classroom helpers. Give children the responsibility of choosing or randomly put one child's name in each?

Help Wanted bulletin board. Pockets with classroom job descriptions. Write student names on craft sticks and place them in appropriate pocket. Fun and easy way to switch up student jobs throughout the year.

Phonics screening revision game

I made this snakes and ladders type game to help reinforce all the graphemes up to phase 5 as prep for the screening test. Also sneaked in some consonant blends too. I'll use groups of three with my phonics group and enlarge the document to You can.

Miss Klohn's Classroom: Wonderful

Today was absolutely wonderful. Maybe it was due to the fact that I did not have the nerves of a first year teacher, or possibly just becau.

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