An intriguing observational drawing by Gillian Lambert that could easily fit into the Taped, Tied and Bound A2 Art exam theme.

GCSE / IGCSE / A Level Art Exam Ideas 2013

Self-Deception Portraits. Artist and illustrator Gillian Lambert created this series of drawings called "Self-Deception". The artist graduated from Kenyon

Wayne Thiebald A collection of objects , could be inspiration for GCSE question Arrangements

View Eight Lipsticks by Wayne Thiebaud on artnet. Browse more artworks Wayne Thiebaud from Adler Co.

Paintings by Jenny Morgan. This portrait reminds me of the skin discolouration of blushing, perhaps another characteristic of human flaws - we can not disguise emotion or embarrassment. However, is this also a perfection?

jennymorganart: “ Jenny Morgan “New Territory” oil on canvas, 30 x 20 in, 2009 ”