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Channel the luck of the Celts with this lovely piece of sterling silver Celtic jewelry. The hand-finished Celtic knot pendant hangs from an 18-inch box chain. Traditionally given as a gift to bring good fortune, this symbolic necklace is sure to please.

- Stylish pendant showcases a 'good luck' Celtic knot design Hand-finished jewelry is crafted entirely of fine sterling silver Good Luck necklace is framed by a never-ending Celtic knot boarder.

If you look at the pendant closely, you will find that the endless knotwork is actually holding 8 hearts bound by a circle (the Celtic Circle). Upon much closer examination, you will also be able to observe that within the endless design, there exists the runic interpretation of love, which is ‘X’.

Celtic love knots This stands for the love between two people, depicted by interlaced knots. Lovers exchange these knots just as couples exchange rings these days. The Celtic Oval knot is the simplest of all Celtic love knots. It stands for eternal life.

Siobhán Celtic Knot Ring #jewlr IRELAND :)

This Celtic knot ring is adorned with three beautiful gemstones. The ring's band joins the Celtic knot at each of its apexes. Personalize with your choice of gemstones and engravings.

CELTIC WEAVE Oberon Design PEWTER STICK BARRETTE #OberonDesign #HairClip

Product Features: - For buns and upswept hairstyles - Hand cast at Oberon from lead free, food grade Britannia pewter Weight: 1 oz. Dimensions: x inches Learn about pewter care here