Potted trees with uplighting.. and with lights in trees as border between dancefloor and guest tables. Just a concept. I would only use three and would have space in between so that the view isn't obstructed.

Love the lights inside the plants/trees! This is a possibility for the potted plants I want to install surrounding the oak tree.

idea for walled side of the garden, seating and beds

It's time to sort out the back garden.. Different Decking Idea and Inspiration!

olive trees in courtyard. Evergreen, soft grey tones, hardy and easily shaped. My husband really wants one of these in our garden so he can have an "on-tap" supply of olives and a reminder of my Italian roots.

Pruning Bay leaf Trees - When How to Prune - Laurus nobilis -For topiary specimens of Bay Leaf Trees, it will be necessary to prune then twice in the summer months. April and then again in August are good times. If you prune your bay any later than August, it will be too late for the plant to re-grow new growth before dormancy sets in, so a final cut in August, will leave you with nice fresh foliage for the autumn and winter months.

Information and advice about pruning Bay Leaf Trees. Bay Trees can be pruned into all topiary shapes. Laurus nobilis might need to be cut back hard in time.