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Bombay cats are jet black in color , They are created to look very similar to a Black Panther. it is a medium sized cat, but feels heavy when picked up.


my heart is made up of little pieces of cats.each life deserves to be celebrated and each passing life deserves to be mourned & remembered. Thus, they become part of your heart forever.

Infographic: Holding at Heathrow

Why do aircraft 'hold' at London Heathrow Airport? There is a reason behind being 'held', this infographic provides you with more information.

One of the challenges of experimental fluid... | Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics

One of the challenges of experimental fluid dynamics is capturing information about a flow that varies in three spatial dimensions and time. Experimentalists have developed many techniques over the years–some qualitative and some quantitative–all of.

a lufthansa beauty. #lufthansa #germany

Lufthansa Boeing The German carrier was the launch customer for the baby Boeing, ordering just an exceedingly weak launch for a Boeing airplane. Just under have now been built, the most successful airliner of the jet-age.