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Gromberry Figurine Big Girl Toys, Girls Toys, Charity Shop, Sick Kids, Childrens Hospital, Best Memories, Animal Paintings, Cool Art, Colours

Gromberry Gromit Figurine

Free UK delivery on orders over £50 - for a limited time only! Bright as a berry and sweeter than sugar, Gromberry is sure to get your mouth watering! This delicious-looking Gromit was voted No. 1 favourite on the trail, during which he lived at The Pump House on the Cumberland Basin. The pub even served strawberries

Grant's Gromit Figurine Sick Kids, Childrens Hospital, Bristol, Black Stripes, Charity, Creatures, Art, Templates, Crafts

Grant's Gromit Figurine

A gentle and friendly creature, Grant’s Gromit usually spends his time roaming the vast plains of the Serengeti with his herd. For Gromit Unleashed, though, he made the thousand-mile migration to Bristol, where he found a new grassy home: Ashton Court! With his bold black stripes he certainly stood out from the local w

The Snow Gromit Figurine created by Raymond Briggs Simple Christmas Cards, Christmas Ornaments, Raymond Briggs, Sick Kids, Star Spangled, Special Guest, Kids Cards, Charity, Snowman

The Snow Gromit Figurine created by Raymond Briggs

Let The Snow Gromit take you on a moonlit flight over snowy fields and sleeping villages, across star-spangled oceans and through the aurora … all the way to a magical party, where you are the special guest! (Just don’t forget to wrap up warm!) Inspired by his beloved children’s book ‘The Snowman’, which was made int

Roger Figurine Big Girl Toys, Girls Toys, Richard Williams, Roger Rabbit, Animal Paintings, Charity, Hand Painted, Animation, Colours

Roger Gromit Figurine

One of the most eye-catching Gromits on the trail, Roger is bright, bold, and beautiful! His cartoon-like colours are fitting, too, because this new look is the work of Richard Williams, best known for his role as Animation Director of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ We think Roger, with his rainbow-hued coat, would be r

Oh dear! Gromit’s got himself all covered in black paint! How did this mess happen? Has clumsy Wallace been decorating and dropped a paint pot? Painted Pots, Hand Painted, All Covers, A Cartoon, Childhood Memories, Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Snoopy, Animation

Watch Out, Gromit! figurine created by Gerald Scarfe

Oh dear! Gromit’s got himself all covered in black paint! How did this mess happen? Has clumsy Wallace been decorating and dropped a paint pot? Or is this the work of sinister forces – perhaps that pesky Feathers McGraw?! Either way, it won’t be easy to clean up … Political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, best known for hi

Salty Sea Dog Gromit Figurine created by Peter Lord Peter Lord, Skull And Crossbones Flag, Long John Silver, Sick Kids, Childrens Hospital, Charity, Snoopy, Colours, Sea

Salty Sea Dog Gromit Figurine created by Peter Lord

Yo ho ho maties! Forget Blackbeard, Long John Silver, and even the Pirate Captain – Salty Sea Dog is the real scourge of the seven seas! For years he plundered and pillaged his way from port to port, sailing under the Skull and Crossbones flag (well he is a dog!), before docking in Bristol for Gromit Unleashed. There h

Lodekka Figurine Shaun The Sheep, Chicken Runs, Dog Show, Toot, City Art, Color Schemes, Christmas Ornaments, Cool Stuff, Holiday Decor

Lodekka Gromit Figurine

Toot toot, beep beep - and all aboard! Here Gromit is transformed into one of Bristol's cultural icons - the Lodekka bus! The Lodekka is the most recognisable vehicle of the Bristol Omnibus Company, founded in 1907. Our figurine sports the Lodekka's traditional green and cream colour scheme, classic signage, and even s

Oh help! It’s The Gruffalo Gromit! Down in the deep dark wood, something is lurking…Something huge, with four paws and a tail…But never fear, because thi Big Girl Toys, Girls Toys, Shirley Hughes, Axel Scheffler, Dear Zoo, The Gruffalo, Dark Wood, Piggy Bank, Scary

The Gruffalo Gromit Figurine by Axel Scheffler

Oh help! Oh no! It’s The Gruffalo Gromit! Down in the deep dark wood, something is lurking…Something huge, with four paws and a tail…But never fear, because this isn’t the scary beast you know…It’s The Gruffalo Gromit! For his design Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler covered Gromit in the characters and creatures fro

Sir Gromit Figurine by Ian Marlow (Supporting Bristol Children’s Hospital) K Park, Sick Kids, Collectible Figurines, Toy Sale, Illuminated Manuscript, Stop Motion, Cool Toys, Bristol, Knight

Sir Gromit of Bristol Figurine

The tale of Sir Gromit of Bristol Sir Gromit is everything a knight should be – brave, chivalrous, with a thirst for adventure! After roaming the land in search of daring deeds and wrongs to be righted, he returned to the kingdom of Bristol for a very special quest … To defend the steps of St George’s! Just like real m

A Close Shave Gromit Figurine created by Harry Hill Big Girl Toys, Girls Toys, Harry Hill, Close Shave, Animal Paintings, Comedians, Shaving, Dinosaur Stuffed Animal, Cool Stuff

A Close Shave Gromit Figurine created by Harry Hill

Living with Wallace, Gromit is used to various adventures, mishaps, and close shaves – but none quite like this! Artist and comedian Harry Hill took a characteristically humorous approach to his design for Gromit Unleashed, ‘shaving’ Gromit and painting stubble on him to raise awareness of male baldness - and now you c

Classic Gromit Figurine Flocking, Sheep, Snoopy, The Originals, Classic, Unique, Design, Comic, Derby

Classic Gromit Figurine

Although we love all the different and unique Gromits designed for Gromit Unleashed, it’s hard to beat the original. This loveable pooch has taken an impromptu trip to the moon in search of cheese, battled a devious penguin in disguise, saved a flock of sheep from a malfunctioning mechanical dog, solved the mystery of

Blossom Figurine Daisy, Bloom, Hand Painted, Pretty, Beautiful, Art, Art Background, Margarita Flower, Kunst

Blossom Gromit Figurine

Dainty as a daisy and bright as a buttercup, Blossom is one of the prettiest Gromits around. Covered from head to toe in beautiful blooms, it’s a good thing he doesn’t suffer from hay fever – though he is going slightly cross-eyed trying to count the petals on his nose! Hand-painted Resin 16.5cm height, 12cm width (ea

Dog Rose Figurine Wild And Free, Animal Paintings, Bloom, Rose, Mini Mini, Plymouth, Beautiful, Pink, Pet Pictures

Dog Rose Gromit Figurine

Wrapped in red blooms, Dog Rose is as beautiful as the wild plant – rosa canina – that gives him his name! Unlike the rose, though, he isn’t known for his thorns. He’s the sweetest of chaps – as you can tell by his winning smile! Interpreting ‘unleashed’ as ‘to be let loose; wild and free’ – and bearing in mind Gromit

Grrrrromit Figurine Sick Kids, Black Mask, Childrens Hospital, Scooby Doo, Charity, Vibrant, Creatures, Stripes, Wrestling

Grrrrromit Gromit Figurine

What do you get if you cross a tiger with a superhero – and throw in a dash of Mexican wrestling for good measure? Grrrrromit! This hound may look fierce with his black mask, vibrant stripes, and clawed paws, but you won’t find a more friendly creature at heart. Grrrrromit is committed to standing up for what’s right,

Creature Comforts Figurine Sick Kids, Creature Comforts, Childrens Hospital, Little Birds, Nativity, Charity, Woodland, Creatures, Scene

Creature Comforts Gromit Figurine

Cheeky squirrels, sharp-witted foxes, snuffling badgers and melodious little birds combine to create a wondrous woodland scene in our Creature Comforts figurine! Artist Sneaky Raccoon was inspired by Bristol's beautiful green spaces, designing a Gromit sculpture bursting to the brim with native British creatures and pl

From loveable figurines to cracking gifts, choose your favourite Gromit souvenir inspired by award winning Gromit Unleashed charity arts trail. No Way, Animal Paintings, Charity, Bobs, Beauty, Pet Pictures, Bob Hairstyle, Beauty Illustration, Bob

Stat's the Way to do it, Lad! Gromit Figurine

The cracking Stat's the Way to Do It, Lad! Want to know which foodstuff was used to make the rocket in A Grand Day Out? Or how many individual bunnies were modelled for The Curse of the Were-Rabbit? Then step inside the wonderful world of Wallace & Gromit with Stat’s The Way To Do It, Lad!, created by Aardman Sen