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Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones' drawing of a sleeping woman's head uses tone to create a shadow effect on the head. The pencil markings make the colours in the picture contrast by shading the hair.

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt ‘Study of a Sleeping Woman’s Head, possibly for ‘The Rose Bower’ in the ‘Briar Rose’ Series’,

This picture by Chuck Clore is a self-portrait he did using a pixelated effect on his face. This is a different way of using pattern and texture on a painting.

Self portrait 1997 Chuck Close In this peice by chuck close he uses pattern in a clever way to create the image of a middle age man.he achives this by selecting colour apropriatley in each of the pixel shaped squares.

Matthew Monahan's painting has good use of line      to create this picture of a head. He has used spirals, normal lines and also variety of shapes.

Matthew Monahan - Untitled (Red Face) Mapped out in thick red oil paint, Matthew Monahan’s Red Face is alluring and ominous. Delineating his form through heavy-handed contours, colour bleeds and spills like surgically exposed sinew or ritual dissection.