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a character commission for patron extraordinaire Death Tribble

Storn Art for tha' swipin' :: Great White Games/Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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Impractical but I have to admit, I like the idea of heels on a female mecha suit. Might be quite tropey, so avoid straight up stilettos, but I think it flatters the figure and adds to the overall silhouette of a badass female!


Modo tends to wear the symbiote like his original armor. The symbiote seems to love feeling appreciated.

WB Animation, Character Design, JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS, Captain Super Jr. Pencil, cleaned up and colored in Photoshop. It was my challenge to design characters for animation in a styl...

This is something me and did for my buddy Kevin Grevioux. The four heavy-hitters from his super cool comic VINDICATORS. Darkstorm, Sheba, Narmer, and Alphaman!