Graceland, Memphis

The gates of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee - the home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley, is today open to the public.

Comiskey Park

games ever attended were at Old Comiskey Park in Chicago. Go White Sox! Home plate is still in the spot it once was, now the parking lot for the New Comiskey (aka, US Cellular Field, "The Cell").

Philly Cheese Steaks

Philly Cheese Steaks, Philadelphia two on opposite corners compete over who has the best Philly Cheese Steak. They are good, but I want to try the place on the opposite corner next time.

Boston and the Garden

Haystack Calhoun -- WWF History: the Biggest Man in Pro Wrestling

Yankee Stadium

Subway 161 Street Station- Yankee Stadium

Forest Park, St Louis

A Stroll Through the Park

Gettysburg Battlefield

(Pennsylvania Memorial - one of the state monuments at Gettysburg Battlefield). Gettysburg Battlefield is the area of the July 1863 military engagements of the Battle of Gettysburg within and around the borough of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.